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Princess Bec


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Summer Lovin'

Bec takes the love test!

What celebrity couple do you admire?
Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. They seem to be a very happy couple that are making it work, especially with the pressures of their film work-and she has managed to have a baby throughtout it all!

How would you describe your perfect night out?
Definitely dinner and then going out to a movie with friends. I like those times when you go and see a movie that you don't realise is that great, but you walk out feeling so good that you saw it. Plus I love going out and dancing all night!

What would be your perfect night in?
[laughs] In my pjs watching a video and eating ice-cream.

What do you do to impress on a date?
Just be yourself. That is the best advice...and what I do.

What would you wear to impress if you were going on a date?
A nice smart-casual outfit. Something I feel comfortable in. So many times we go out and buy something new and end up feeling uncomfortable.

What's your favourite romantic song of all time?
I don't have one.

What movie puts you in a romantic mood?
To be honest I can't name one, as I don't really watch romantic movies.

How do you react when a fan asks you out?
It is one of those things you can't really do, because they only like you for your character. They don't really know you. So, I feel flattered but I politely decline-plus I already have a boyfriend!

What could a fan do to make your day?
Stop the world for a second so I can catch up![ laughs] Seriously, a fan that just stops you and says,"Hi" is great.

What's the worst pick-up line that you've heard?
The worst one I can't say because it's too gross! I have had one, which is not that bad, in fact it is quite sweet, "Do you believe in love at first sight...or should I walk past you again?" [giggles]

How do you feel about doing kissing scenes?
Work is work-that is it.

What was your first kissing scene like?
Not with Beau, just generally. That was with Ryan Clark, we didn't discuss it, we just did it. We probably should have talked about it, but we were only 15 and embarrassed.

What is the most romantic show on TV?
I don't have time to watch TV unfortunately.

Do you see your characters as role models for your fans when it comes to love?
She is a bit moody-so I think fans should make up their own minds, but Home and Away is good for sending out messags through storylines that may help people. It is really up to the individual and their circumstances.

Who's your favourite couple on Home and Away?
Noah and Hayley-of course!