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Princess Bec


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Celeb idols

Bec meets her's...

The star:Home and Away's Rebecca Cartwright

The hero: Pop princess Kylie Minogue

Rebecca says: I really was shocked when Big Hit called me and asked me if I'd like to meet my idol Kylie Minogue. I've looked up to Kylie since I was a little kid and I loved fer first song 'Locomotion". I used to dance around the house to her songs with all my friends and at my dancing lessons we did songs and dances set to Kylie songs. I admire the whole attitude she has. I admire everything about her. I was taken backstage before one of her Sydney concerts and I felt myself go red in the face as I was introduced to her.I'd heard she was tiny but she aws tinnier than you could ever imagine. I had to bend down to have my photo taken with her! I asked if she could sign my concert program. I told her that I loved her purple eye shadow and she said,"It's lots of different colours". I was a bit sad and said,"So I can't get it then?" And she said,"Yes you can. It's iridescent and when you put it on it's a colour". Oh, I'm going to buy that eye shadow...don't worry about that! Then, I introduced her to my mum. I know she's close to her mum too because her mum helps with her concerts. I look up to Kylie even more now since I've met her. I couldn't believe I was in the same room as her! I'm devoting a wall in my bedroom to Kylie-I'm going to frame my posters, my VIP pass that gave me entry to meet her, her signature and my concert ticket. Winnie the Pooh is out! He's gone! I want to meet Kylie again now. I really want to talk to her more!