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Princess Bec


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Scent of a woman...

We asked one of our fave Summer Bay residents, Rebecca Cartwright [Hayley], to take a breather from her gruelling work schedule to rate Impulse's new Oxygen Body Spray and give us the lowdown on Hayley and Noah's relationship for this season of Home and Away.

'I think a fragrance tells a lot about a person. It is your trademark. It can remind you of someone special and moments you have shared. Smell is a very powerful tool for triggering memories. I like the Impulse Body Spray because the bottle is a relaxing colour. The type of person who would wear this fragrance would be someone young and funky. Girls that are on the go'.

'I have a very basic beauty regime. I wear moisture and an SPF and save perfume for special occasions. But,when I go out I always spray on a fragrance. As I have grown older I have started to explore different fragrances and make-up. Mascara is my favourite make-up but, unfortunately I can't wear it on the show, so I always make sure I use it when I go out'.

Hayley [Rebecca's character] is also growing up.'She used to be quite straight but she is growing up and dealing with new issues including her relationship with Noah [Beau Brady].They seem to be OK, but there may be a rocky road ahead for them. They will have to deal with some big issues that could make or break their relationship'.

'And what is most unusual thing Rebecca has had to do for her character on Home and Away, in terms of beauty regime?'Hayley constantly changes hairstyles. The make-up department didn't want to use the same hairstyle forever, so it became a challenge to create a new look. It worked though and we have had heaps of people calling and writing in, wanting to copy the look!'