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Bec's perfect body...

As Hayley Smith in the Seven Network's Home and Away, Rebecca Cartwright says she's pretty lucky. " My character's not a lifesaver or anything, so I don't have to do a lot of running on the show!" she laughs.
Nevertheless, 17-year-old Rebecca[left] admits that exercise plays an important part in her daily routine. " If you don't keep up with your exercise you get pretty tired, so I find that it keeps me going", she says.
While Rebecca participated in dance classes before joining the cast of Home and Away, her hectic filming schedule meant that she had to give up the classes and find a more flexible form of exercise.

The search led her to her local gym in northern Sydney, where she tries to work out at least five times a week.
"You need a lot of commitment with things like dance class, but it's hard to manage that because of my work schedule", Rebecca says."With the gym, you can go any time you want".
As well as being able to organise her fitness regime around Home and Away, Rebecca likes the variety that is available with gym work-outs.

"There's so many different things you acn do", she says."There's aerobics or weights, so you can exercise your cardio system and tone your body at the same time".
While she incorporates some weights into her exercise program, Rebecca admits to a preference for the different aerobics classes.
"Body step or Pump are my favourites", she says." I also love Spinning, which is an indoor cycling class, but it's exhausting. It is really hard work".
Fitting in time for the gym may be hard, but once Rebecca walks through the front door she has a work-out plan that she sticks to.
"I usually try to work out for at least an hour, because that's how long each of the aerobics classes lasts for", she explains." However, if I'm not doing a class, I'll try to do about an hour on the weights and equipment.
"As well,I run on the treadmill at home for about 30 minutes every morning".

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