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A day with Bec...

6:15am Palm Beach...

Early morning and Bec is out of her car, and straight into wardrobe on location.
Then she heads into make-up 'Once my make-up's done it's down to look over lines.

8am Location...

Today's scene is Bec driving Hayley's pink VW car. Bec explains," It's good to have this big scene first up. It switches me on and gets me into work mode", this suits Bec.
"One of the best things about working on Home and Away is the variety, it's always something different". "When I start at Palm Beach, I arrive and get to watch the sun rise over breakfast-not a bad way to start the day".
Once her scenes are over it's back into her own clothes and drive back to the studio.

1:15pm Channel 7 Rehearsal...

Before stepping onto set Bec has to do a few rehearsal scenes first. After the long drive from location to studio she's glad to do a fews."It helps to switch my brain back on and get back into work mode for the last part of the day".
When Bec's done in rehearsals it's off to the studio-"A busy day!" she exclaims.

2:30pm Make-up...

Bec goes into wardrobe again for another change, after that it's off to make-up again!

3:10pm Studio E...

Now Bec is to begin the last part of her day, acting in two studio scenes."It's probably seems like a busy day for me-but that's the way I like it".
Some days Bec might only have a few scenes and wait around in the green room.

5:50pm It's a wrap!

Once at home Bec's day hasn't finished yet-it's time to go for a run,then it's time to rest abit before catching up with friends or fans.

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