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Until now, you've only known her as Hayley Smith from Home and Away, but that's all about to change. Meet Bec Cartwright-the-all-singing,all-dancing pop dynamo. Don't worry, Hayley is not leaving Summer Bay, but the girl from Sydney's outer-west is coming out from behind her TV character to shed some of the spotlight on her singing and dancing prowess.
The step from soap star to pop star isn't anything new-Natalie Imbruglia and Kylie Minogue are the most successful examples-but the step itself is a brave one and something Bec isn't taking for granted." I know there will be people out there who will be critical but I'm ready for anything they might say", she says confidently." But I'm not going to let it get to me either. I'll just take each step as it comes".
What won't be changing are the qualities that make Bec such a beloved personality. As Bec's real life just gets more perfect-adding 'pop star' to the already huge list of credits-the rest of us cheer her on to even greater success. It's usually against our nature to love and admire someone as utterly perfect as Bec. Think about it-she's got a great career, gorgeous face, amazing body, ideal hair, loving family and to top it all off, a perfect boyfriend in co-star Beau Brady [ who she calls Bubba ]. We embrace her good, sweet and genuine character because, let's face it , it's virtually impossible not to like this luminous creature.
According to Bec's mum Michelle, Bec has always been " like a magnet. Everyone has always wanted to be near her", she reveals. " I think it was because she aws always so happy". Bec was so happy, in fact, that Mrs Cartwright had trouble getting a photo of baby Bec without a big smile glued across her face. It took a photographer to tell Bec that there was a spider in the corner of the room before she'd stop smiling.

" Bec"s father and I definitely feel very blessed to have such a wonderful daughter", Michelle beams. " The thing about Bec is she's always been as interested in everyone else as they've been in her. She's never considered her life to be anything out of the ordinary. This is what she does and whatever anyone else is doing is just as special and just as important".For Bec, the move into music feels natural. She's been singing and dancing since she aws three years old and considers music her first love.

" Dancing and singing happened way before acting", she reveals. " That's actually how I got into the [ casting ] agency. They said,' What can you show me?' So I did this little song and dance. I sang Winter Wonderland". Ripping her brand new, spiky-heeled boots off because they're " squishing " her feet, Bec jumps around the mixing desk in the studio-so hyper she can barely breathe. " I'm so excited about recording this music that I'm having trouble sleeping", she says. "I keep waking up thinking about singing". Bec pumps three songs-Feels so Right, He's Yours and Blow a Kiss-out of the studio speakers. She's desperately trying to decide which one to release as her first single. Feels so Right is an up-tempo pop/dance track Bec is bopping around the studio to. He's Yours is a different kind of pop song-with much more of an R&B tinge, it could easily be found on a Craig David record. Blow a Kiss is the one that Bec seems to be enjoying the most though-it's fun, cute and catchy.
" One of these will definitely be released as the first single. I just can't decide between them! I love them so much. I think that once I've completely finished recording it will be much easier to decide".

Even though Bec has always been interested in developing a singing career, it took a conversation with a good friend, after seeing the recent Kylie Minogue On a Night Like This concert, that convinced her that now was the time." When I went to see Kylie Minogue's concert, I just went,' Oh, I've got to start it up again'", she smiles." She just fully got me excited about it".
Bec stresses that she hasn't considered quitting Home and Away in exchange for pop stardom at any far. " I'm still sticking with it for now", she says. " We'll just see what happens. It all depends on how well this singing thing comes off".
As Bec points out, Hayley is unlikely to interfere with Bec:The Pop Star anyway. "People see me on the show as Hayley with curly hair. I'm going to straighten it for the music. Also, Hayley is very pretty and she wears flowers and pretty colours and she's very gentle. So, with my sining career I want to have a slight edge. Not too out there", she warns. " But something a little different".

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