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for themselves...

With her gorgeous blonde hair,striking physique and friendly personality, it's easy to mistake Kristy Cartwright for her younger, famous sister Rebecca.
By their own admission,Kristy, who works in the finance industry, and Rebecca are "very alike". The fact that they're three years apart in age-Kristy is 21,Rebecca is 17[nearly 18]-is impossilble to guess.
Not surprisingly, they say they're best friends as well as sisters."We enjoy going to the beach and the gym. We have similar tastes in music and we share each other's clothes a lot.We're extremely close," says Rebecca, while Kristy adds,"We're always got along very well. If we argue, we make-up pretty quickly".
Rebecca and Kristy still live together at their family home west of Sydney, with mum Michele,father Darrel and brother Shaun, who's 23. While they'll both move out on day, they insist the bond between them will remain.
"We'll always be close",Rebecca says."And we'll only get closer as we get older". So, what do they think is the best thing about being sisters?

"The best thing is that she's always there when I need to talk to someone", Rebecca says, speaking for both of them.
"I can trust her completely". While Kristy nods in agreement beside her, Rebecca adds,"We both trust each other that's why it's so good".


Rebecca's best friend is someone who she has known all her's her lovely older sister Kristy.
"Rebecca & I were always close. We fought like all sisters do but we'd turn around straight away & say I'm sorry & make up.
The best thing about Rebecca being my best friend is how we can tell each other anything the way we spend time together & never get bored.
But it's sad how we don't see much of each other because of her job. It's funny sometimes we'd go shopping & come back with the same thing! We think so alike.
The thing I love about Bec is that she's not mean one bit and how she didn't change when she got the part of Hayley Smith. She soon found out who her real friends were.
If someone's not treating me right, she automatically dislikes them. If someone hurts me, it hurts her. I love Rebecca as a sister and a friend and know I can trust her with my deepest, darkest secrets.

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