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Her transcript...

Chat Month - Rebecca Cartwright

Home and Away: Our first question is from Kate: Was England a good experience?
Rebecca Cartwright: It was. It was my first time there. We were so lucky with the weather. We had sunshine every day. I shopped until I dropped! I literally dropped because my feet were so sore.

Home and Away: Jodie says: I loved the London episodes!  Did you have fun filming them?
Rebecca Cartwright: I did because we got to do it at all the main sights in England. We got to film in Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. Working with Rupert Evans (Robbie) was fantastic. It was good fun. It was just a good experience.

Home and Away: 
Dinky asks: What's the latest with you and Beau?
Rebecca Cartwright: We've been together for 10 months now. And we're as happy as ever.

Home and Away: 
Andrew asks: What has your life been like since you joined the cast?
Rebecca Cartwright: It's changed unbelievably! I've been there three years now, and I have learnt so much and met so many great people along the way.

Home and Away: 
Joey asks: What's the most important thing you've learnt while working on the show?
Rebecca Cartwright: Be nice to people on the way up because you'll see them on the way down! That's really tough to answer, because I've learnt so much.

Home and Away: 
homeandawayfan asks: How did you come to be on Home and Away?
Rebecca Cartwright: I'd been with an agency since I was five. So I'd been doing commercials and guest roles on TV shows. I was just lucky enough to get the audition, and even luckier enough to get the part.

Home and Away: 
Amy asks: Do you always reply to your fan mail?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes I do. Although I am kind of behind, but I'm catching up slowly. So if you've written, I promise you'll get a letter soon!

Home and Away: 
Joey asks: How was your trip to Mt Hotham? Was it your first time snowboarding?
Rebecca Cartwright: It was fantastic! It was the first time I'd ever seen snow. Zac, Chris and I gave snowboarding a go for the first time and I absolutely loved it! I loved it so much I went down the next weekend.

Home and Away: Gudgie asks: Do you still keep in contact with the old cast members of the show?
Rebecca Cartwright: I try to. Although they understand how busy I am and I know how busy they are as well. I did see Bree Desborough (Justine) a little while ago and also Kristy Wright who played Chloe.

Home and Away: 
Melza asks: What would you like to see happen to Hayley?
Rebecca Cartwright: I would like her to do something really out of character, such as become a policewoman – but that would mean having to leave the show, and I don't want her to do that.  So basically something different and out of character.  And to get a puppy dog!

Home and Away: 
Amy says: I have never ever talked to a star before! Are you really there?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes I am really here!

Home and Away: 
Emma asks: Would you like to do a movie some day?
Rebecca Cartwright: Absolutely! I think that's every actor's dream. I'd love to do a comedy movie and action movies too!

Home and Away: 
Jodie says: I know it's a bit late, but happy 18th birthday!  Did you have a fun birthday?
Rebecca Cartwright: Thank you! I had an awesome day, and got the best present. I had two great parties.

Home and Away: How asks: Who is your favourite person to work with on set?
Rebecca Cartwright: Obviously Beau Brady! But also Zac keeps me entertained, and Ada's always good because she talks lots in between scenes.

Home and Away: chris_egans_gal asks: Is it true you're launching a singing career?
Rebecca Cartwright: I have been working on that, yes.

Home and Away: 
Our next question is: What's your favourite storyline to do with Hayley?
Rebecca Cartwright: This is a while ago now, but my favourite storyline would have been going in a racing car with Terry Finnigan.

Home and Away: 
Jodie asks: How do you spend your time between shooting scenes?
Rebecca Cartwright: Looking over my lines for the next one, reading my fan mail and making any phone calls that need to be made - which are usually about five days late!

Home and Away: 
Danielle asks: What has been your most embarrassing moment while filming Home and Away?
Rebecca Cartwright: It would have to be when my character Hayley came home from the beach – she was really angry, and as I went to slam the front door, my foot got caught in the blind, and I tripped and pulled the blinds down as well.

Home and Away: CaitieTobes asks: Would you ever consider modelling?
Rebecca Cartwright: I did it as a little kid, but I don't think so. I get to experience a little bit when I do photo shoots, which comes along with the job on Home and Away. But I really love acting.

Home and Away: Poohlover asks: How long have you been acting?
Rebecca Cartwright: I got into the agency when I was five so ever since then.

Home and Away: Miroau asks: Do you have any pets?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes! I have three dogs and two horses. But the Labrador dog is my favourite. She's mine and her name's Abbey.

Home and Away: 
Emma asks: Is there a motto you live by?
Rebecca Cartwright: There was one, but I can't even think of it...Hopefully it will come back to me by the end of the chat.

Home and Away: Melza asks: If you weren't playing Hayley, which character would you like to play?
Rebecca Cartwright: Gypsy's quite a good character because she's got a little more attitude. Because I can't really play a boy!

Home and Away: richardprice asks: What sort of car do you have?
Rebecca Cartwright: I have a black Honda Civic.

Home and Away: Abi asks: How do you cry in the scenes?
Rebecca Cartwright: If you start the scene off crying, you can have the tear blower. It's a machine that blows a minty vapour into your eyes and makes them moist - although you only use it when you really need it. But if you have to start crying in the middle of a scene, you have to bring on the tears yourself. People like Lynne McGranger say they think of sad things that have happened to them. I try my best to make it work!

Home and Away: Hayleyfan asks: What do you do in your spare time?
Rebecca Cartwright: I go to the beach in summer every minute that I get. I go to the movies, I catch up with friends and I tidy my room!

Home and Away: big asks: How do you stay in shape with your busy schedule on the show?
Rebecca Cartwright: I try to make it to the gym as often as I can, so that's about it!

Home and Away: 
Moey asks: Do you drive an automatic or manual car?
Rebecca Cartwright: It's a manual. It's more fun. And it feels like I'm a racing car driver. But I don't speed.

Home and Away: Clarkey asks: How long does it take to film each scene?
Rebecca Cartwright: If it's in studio, like all the interiors of the diner and houses, it usually takes 20 minutes to half an hour, but the outdoor scenes on location can take anything from one and a half to two hours because we only have one camera.

Home and Away: 
Hannah asks: What was it like going to the Logies?
Rebecca Cartwright: It's so much fun because you get to dress up. I missed out on my school formal so that was my chance to wear a fancy dress and have a pretty hair do. But it is strange seeing so many faces from TV in the one room.

Home and Away: 
Flash asks: What colour is your toothbrush?
Rebecca Cartwright: I've got two. I have a purple and white one or an orange and white one.

Home and Away: 
Angel asks: Did you watch Home and Away before you were on it?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes, I used to watch it in the Shane and Angel days and used to wish to be on it. Now I can't believe I'm actually here!

Home and Away: Joey asks: Are you still enjoying being on the show as much as when you first started?
Rebecca Cartwright: I sure am! I'm having a really good time at the moment, because we have a really good cast.

Home and Away: Hayley asks: What days do you film the beach scenes?
Rebecca Cartwright: Either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Home and Away: 
stardust_83 asks: Do you still get to do normal things that kids do?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yep, I still go to the shops and go to the movies. I do everything I did before I was on the show. It's just you get stopped to sign a few autographs during school holidays or when school's out.

Home and Away: Strawberries asks: Is your hair naturally wavy?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes. It's curly, but when I go out as me I'll straighten it, just so I feel different to Hayley.

Home and Away: Fairy_princess asks: What's the strangest gift you've been given by a fan?
Rebecca Cartwright: None of them have been strange. I've received lots of nice presents, from Winnie the Pooh toys to beaded necklaces. Nothing weird at all really.

Home and Away: blondebabe_ asks: Are Zac and Chris like your brothers in real life?
Rebecca Cartwright: Absolutely! We'll play rumbles in the Green Room and muck around. It's like real life.

Home and Away: Tamika says: Thanks for replying to my letter so quickly! How many letters do you receive each day?
Rebecca Cartwright: We only get them once a week and it varies every time. So it ranges from 30 to 100, I guess. That's in a week though!

Home and Away: Strawberries asks: Do you ever get sick of playing the 'perfect' character?
Rebecca Cartwright: No. Although it would be nice to see her get angry a few more times and do something wrong. But at least she's likeable.

Home and Away: ts asks: When you were young, where did you live?
Rebecca Cartwright: I've always lived in Sydney. But always too far from the beach.

Home and Away: Boom_Baby asks: Is it hard to learn lines off by heart?
Rebecca Cartwright: No, because you're doing it every day, it becomes easier.

Home and Away: panda asks: Who is your favourite actor?
Rebecca Cartwright: Male is Robin Williams because he's so funny. Female would have to be Julia Roberts.

Home and Away: Our next question is: How have the new characters like Seb and Flynn fitted in?
Rebecca Cartwright: They've been there a while now and fitted in really well. It feels like they've been there forever!

Home and Away: Mark asks: How does it feel to be famous?
Rebecca Cartwright: I still don't understand the whole thing. But it doesn't really feel any different to before because I'm still doing everything I used to do before.

Home and Away: Beccy asks: How many scenes do you film a day?
Rebecca Cartwright: You can do anything from three to fifteen. Although with the larger cast you seem to have less than three years ago when the cast was smaller.

Home and Away: Poohlover asks: Who in the cast is very much like the person they play?
Rebecca Cartwright: Lynne McGranger is similar to Irene. Not the way she speaks, but just how helpful and friendly and nice she is, and it never troubles her to sign anything for a fan.

Home and Away: Cpaw asks: What sort of music do you like?
Rebecca Cartwright: I like funky house and I like to listen to the top 30.

Home and Away: Hipster3 asks: I want to be an actor. Do you have any tips?
Rebecca Cartwright: To be on TV, you have to have an agent, but maybe get started in drama classesJust keep trying and grab anything that comes up, no matter how small it seems.

Home and Away: chrisgal asks: Do you enjoy writing for Big Hit magazine?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes I do! It's also a good opportunity to get photos for myself.

Home and Away: Everyone asks: Was that really Kate Richie singing last night on the show?
Rebecca Cartwright: It certainly was! A lot of people were really surprised. But I think she sounded great!

Home and Away: Everyone asks: Do you think Hayley should get back with Noah?
Rebecca Cartwright: Of course I do! I get to spend more time with him then!

Home and Away: Amy asks: Do you mind signing autographs?
Rebecca Cartwright: No! Because nobody's ever nasty about it, and to take two seconds of your time to make someone happy makes it worth it.

Home and Away: Tammy asks: Do you get to pick your own clothes on the show?
Rebecca Cartwright: No. I dress totally different to Hayley. She wears lots of floral dresses and pretty, bright colours. But I like to wear jeans and more street wear.

Home and Away: Our next question is: You have the perfect teeth! Have you ever had braces?
Rebecca Cartwright: No.

Home and Away: Joey asks: If you could change one thing about Hayley what would it be?
Rebecca Cartwright: I'd make her be not as moody. She tends to go off at Noah every now and then and I hate the sound of my voice when she's whingeing.

Home and Away: Abi asks: What is the best ever scene you've shot?
Rebecca Cartwright: Probably when Aleetza Wood (Peta) and I had a scene in the diner with Zac (Will) and got to put ice cream and mud cake in his face during the scene.

Home and Away: My asks: Do you really do the artwork that Hayley does?
Rebecca Cartwright: I wish I could say I do but usually, no.

Home and Away: Our next question is: Do you shoot at the beach in winter?
Rebecca Cartwright: Oh yes!  And it's absolutely freezing! Especially if you have to go in the water. I'm lucky In that I haven't had to do any of those scenes because my character isn't into the beach that much.

Home and Away: 17 asks: If you didn't get into acting, what would you be doing right now?
Rebecca Cartwright: I'd probably be doing a hair and make-up course, which I'd still like to get around to do. I'm getting lots of little tips from the make-up artists on the show.

Home and Away: Courtney asks: If you had a choice, which other television shows would you like to star in?
Rebecca Cartwright: Probably 'Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place' because it's funny.

Home and Away: I asks: How many months ahead do you film the show?
Rebecca Cartwright: We used to be three months ahead although now we're only around five weeks or something, which is too close for comfort!

Home and Away: stardust_83 asks: What is your all-time favourite memory from when you were a kid?
Rebecca Cartwright: Probably getting my Labrador dog, although I wasn't that little. I was probably around 12.

Home and Away: Chris asks: Would you consider a change from TV to stage?
Rebecca Cartwright: It would be something different although I haven't had much training in theatre.

Home and Away: Elsie asks: Has your family been supportive of your acting?
Rebecca Cartwright: They've been the best! Since I found out I was on the show they've all been really pleased and it hasn't changed a thing around home.

Home and Away: Everyone asks: How do you study while working?
Rebecca Cartwright: I did school but I got the job in Year 9. I stayed at school during that year but I didn't go very often so I changed to correspondence school.

Home and Away: I asks: Do you prefer singing, dancing, or acting?
Rebecca Cartwright: It's so hard to choose between the three so I'm going to have to say all three!

Home and Away: Jodie says: I saw you in an old episode of Police Rescue – I couldn't believe you were acting when you were so little!  How did you manage to learn your lines when you were so young?
Rebecca Cartwright: I didn't have that many. But I practised and practised.

Home and Away: Britt asks: What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?
Rebecca Cartwright: Probably dairy milk choc chip.

Home and Away: Hayleyfan asks: Do you have brothers and sisters?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes I do. I have a brother and a sister.

Home and Away: Steffi asks: What colour are your pj's?
Rebecca Cartwright: My winter ones are purple with teddy bears on them and in summer I have a few different nighties.

Home and Away: Milla asks: Is it true you were an extra in 1991 before being cast as Hayley?
Rebecca Cartwright: I was. I was one of Sam's friends at the Year 12 graduation.

Home and Away: Emily asks: Who is your favourite singer?
Rebecca Cartwright: That's a tough one! I like most people these days. It's hard to choose.

Home and Away: 
Amanda asks: How often do you film?
Rebecca Cartwright: Usually five days a week.

Home and Away: Dman asks: What is your favourite colour?
Rebecca Cartwright: I've got two. Blue and purple.

Home and Away: sexycarly asks: What happened to Hayley's pink car?
Rebecca Cartwright: It's still around, although it hasn't been used in any scenes lately.

Home and Away: Gemini asks: Have you ever done any ads?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes. I've done around 50 commercials, but that's been over 13 years. Some are a little embarrassing to remind you of them.

Home and Away: Aarabella asks: What is your favourite food?
Rebecca Cartwright: Cheese pizza, and chocolate. Yum!

Home and Away: Our next question is: Does your fan mail come mainly from UK and Australia?
Rebecca Cartwright: Most of it is UK and Australian. But we do get mail from other countries such as Papua New Guinea. They phrase things differently so it's really interesting to read.

Home and Away: Joey asks: Do you spend time on the Internet?
Rebecca Cartwright: Not really, because I'm so busy. I hardly get time to watch any TV, but I do get to check out the Home and Away site!

Home and Away: Zoe asks: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Rebecca Cartwright: An actor, a hair and make-up artist, or to work with animals.

Home and Away: Passions asks: How do you feel watching yourself on TV?
Rebecca Cartwright: I don't feel as though it's really me. It's just like watching another character, although you do cringe at some of the things you don't like.

Home and Away: richardprice asks: Do you have any ambitions you still want to achieve?
Rebecca Cartwright: Just to be happy really. I feel so lucky already but of course I'd like to do a movie, but you never know if it will happen.

Home and Away: Rach asks: What inspired you to be an actress?
Rebecca Cartwright: I was just a high burned little kid and liked to show off in front of people and talk a lot!

Home and Away: Ash asks: Do you like your character?
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes, I do because she is a nice person and is good at heart.

Home and Away: Trav asks: How can we send you fan mail?
Rebecca Cartwright: Just send me a letter to:-Channel 7 Mobbs Lane Epping NSW.

Home and Away: 
Tammy asks: How would you describe your personality?
Rebecca Cartwright: Fun, friendly...hyper...and adventurous!

Home and Away: Home asks: Where is the diner?
Rebecca Cartwright: The inside of it is a set at the studio and the outside is at Collaroy.

Home and Away: Tamika asks: Do you still like Winnie-the-Pooh?
Rebecca Cartwright: Of course I do! He's the cutest little thing around!

Home and Away: Siobahn asks: Are you releasing an album?
Rebecca Cartwright: A single, yes. But you'll have to wait and see if an album comes along.

Home and Away: Our next question is: Who was your role model when growing up?
Rebecca Cartwright: I don't know...I just liked everybody. I haven't been critical of people. But I like Julia Roberts. She's great at everything she does.

Home and Away: Tammy asks: When you first started in the show, did you create those wacky and weird hairstyles?
Rebecca Cartwright: Definitely not! It was not my choice to have those. But they did work for the character.

Home and Away: Hannah asks: Is there a real Summer Bay? I am from New Zealand.
Rebecca Cartwright: No. It's just a name made for the show.

Home and Away: fairy_princess asks: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
Rebecca Cartwright: Hopefully to have been successful with the singing and had another acting job, and just to be happy at whatever I am doing at that moment. Now this is dreaming...

Home and Away: Jordy asks: Who is the funniest person on set?
Rebecca Cartwright: Zac Drayson. Although Beau and Chris do come close. Put all three together and it's a comedy!

Home and Away:  Keeley asks: Do you like the collage I gave the cast? It’s in the Green Room.
Rebecca Cartwright: Yes! We love it! It's sitting on the little coffee table and we love looking at all the pictures and remembering when they were taken.

Home and Away: Natasha says: You should call your single 'Happy Days'!
Rebecca Cartwright: OK...I think the song would have to be about it. Maybe one can be written about it.

Home and Away: Joey asks: If you lived in Summer Bay in real life, which characters do you think you would be friends with?
Rebecca Cartwright: Everybody living there! They're all good people. But I'd choose to have Noah as my boyfriend...

Home and Away: Our next question is: What is your favourite sport?
Rebecca Cartwright: I don't know if it's a sport, but I love dancing, swimming, ice skating and horse riding.

Home and Away: Everyone asks: Is that your natural hair colour?
Rebecca Cartwright: I was blonde as a little kid but as I got older I have been putting foils through it.

Home and Away: Our next question is: Do you prefer Hayley now or in the old days?
Rebecca Cartwright: It was fun when I was younger, because she was into graffiti and all that. But now that I am older I know a lot more about her, and it gives me a challenge to make her more interesting.

Home and Away: Emma asks: Is Alf really mean in real life?
Rebecca Cartwright: No. Not at all! He’s a lovely guy and he always makes jokes. In fact, he was really good to me when I first started on the show.

Home and Away: Jelly asks: Do you find the British guy cute, and is he nice in real life?
Rebecca Cartwright: Rupert was lovely! We got on really well. And hopefully we'll get to see him some day soon.

Home and Away: Hi asks: And is Colleen a noisy person?
Rebecca Cartwright: No! Lyn Collingwood does a great job of playing Colleen, by doing the voice and getting into character. She's not really a gossip!

Home and Away: Tim asks: Have you done your HSC?
Rebecca Cartwright: No I haven't yet, because it would be too hard doing the show at the same time. So I plan on doing it at TAFE when I'm finished on the show, whenever that may be, so I can concentrate on it properly.

Home and Away: A few fans have asked our final question tonight! Did you miss Beau while you were in London filming?
Rebecca Cartwright: More than anything! I had a very large phone bill when I got back because I spoke to him every day.

Home and Away: That's all Rebecca has time for!
Rebecca Cartwright: Thanks for chatting with me guys! Keep watching the show and checking out the site! And think up some good questions for Chris! Thank you! See you guys!

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